Website Migration Request

If your client is interested in solving speed, security and stability challenges on their website, a migration to Octaneâ„¢ could be an awesome fit!

Tell us about the client!


Q What is the process?


Simply fill out the form above in as much detail as possible, and we'll run through the site for you. Within 48 hours, we'll be back with you with thoughts and/or questions!

Q What impacts migration costs?


How much content the website has plays a big part. The more that needs to carry over, the more time is involved. Outside of that, we'll identify any "odd" or one-off items and let you know what would be involved to migrate those over.

Q How long does a migration take?


Great question! It depends on how complex the site is, but generally between a week and 5 weeks based on how much needs to move and what is involved.

Q What if the client wants to go further?


We'd love to discuss! Fill us in in the comments above.